III DevOps is based on open source solutions and provides an integrated DevOps agile tool platform, which takes into account the needs of both process and management, provides hierarchical management interfaces and flexible plug-in services for product development teams to easily complete automatic cycle operations.

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About the establishment of tracking issues


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Issue Kanban operation and introduction


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About test records


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About K8s resources


System environment requirements

Professional deployment version – Provides professional and stable solutions for service developers with multiple clusters, functional modules, etc.

Note: This project requires operators to have basic Linux system and relevant experience in microservice deployment

operating system

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

hardware requirements

  • 8 Core vCPU or higher
  • 16GB RAM or more
  • 200G SSD read and write speed > 500MB/s or higner

scalable hosting environment

  • Scalable hosting environment that can be expanded from a minimum of 1 to up to 10 physical or virtual hosts, depending on the requirements.

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    Interface operation capture

    Multi-layered roles, division of responsibilities

    Multi-layered role definitions provide independent hierarchical management interfaces for each authority and responsibility, and intuitive operation screens to make hierarchical division of responsibilities clearer. It includes system administrators, project managers, engineers, etc.

    Problem tracking, support sub-question related management

    The project manager can grasp the problem handling situation of each project in the problem list list, and at the same time assist the sub-issue tracking management, so that the demand function can be tracked more clearly.

    Project monitoring dashboard

    Provides managers with intuitive status control. Whether it is problem tracking or automated test results, it can be clearly seen by the same interface.

    Project Dashboard
    Project list single portal
    Create projects, track and source issues with one-click linkage Code version control service

    Projects created through the services of this platform will automatically link and create open source services such as Redmine (Issue Tracking System) and GitLab (Source Code Version Control Software), so that managers can easily enjoy different service management functions from the same interface.

    The project board and project status are clear

    The billboard of the project manager can not only immediately understand the status of all the problem lists of the project, but also use drag and drop to directly change the status of the problem.

    Introduce common templates to easily build the environment

    Standing on the shoulders of giants and developing upwards, apply the template provided by the platform to build one-click, and easily introduce CICD pipeline to enjoy a consistent environment build, customized API testing, black and white box scanning and other Devops automation services, without the need to reinstall, Build and set up.

    Intermediate automated testing

    Provide script interface mode for testers to directly export the original script test file for connection test.
    As long as the test cases of Postman or Sideex are uploaded, the test cases will be automatically included in the next deployment. Managers can easily understand the results of each test in the deployment results, greatly reducing the weight.

    test script
    Multiple black and white box detection tool support

    Support WebInspect, CheckMark, SonarQube, OWSAP and other open source, commercial and other black and white box tests, and provide users with applications in different environments and situations. With the introduction of automated scheduled scanning for environmental deployment, users can understand the health of the source code at the first time.

    Fix issues, code, and image file consistency at one time-roadblocking

    Roadblocking is no longer an engineer’s patent, PM can also tag. III DevOps provides easy-to-handle roadblocking procedures, allowing project managers to easily grasp the scope of issues of this version, and intuitively select program branches and image files, and directly link these three relationships through the interface for this release .


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