DevSecOps tool chain

CI / CD continuous integration, continuous deployment automation tool integration platform

Single entry sign-in, integrated version control, issue tracking,

Agile development and application tools such as test results reports,

Provide users with the most intuitive and efficient management platform experience.

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Why CI / CD matters?

The software process has changed from waterfall mode to agile mode. Although it is closer to the requirements of project operation, it also increases the difficulty of management. The industry needs effective DevOps tools to operate. Agile management is complex and diverse, and different teams have differences in use and management due to different habits. There is an urgent need in the organization, and a set of stereotyped agile management tools have been integrated for use by the R&D team.

Why Open Source?

Open source software (OSS) is already an application strategy for competition among international software manufacturers. Taiwan is still in the stage of using open source achievements and should strengthen its actions. Therefore, in addition to helping promote the use of open source software, this platform should also promote further progress. This type of open source project and community management.

Integrate existing tools based on open source solutions

Develop a series of tools and services required for agile development, so that users will no longer rebuild the foundation and waste

Time resources can be more focused on the development of its own characteristic functions, greatly shortening the product development timeline

Development spirit and guidelines

Open source foundation

Taking into account engineering and management requirements, the integration includes Gitlab, jenkins, Rancher, Redmine, Postman… and many other open source solutions.

Set multiple roles

The management screen is independent, with hierarchical division of responsibilities and clear management, including system administrators, project managers, engineers, etc.

Unified login interface

Provide a single entry to integrate Redmine, Gitlab, Harbor and other well-known CI/CD tool software, so that users can manage the platform interface uniformly, or even freely perform detailed operations in each tool interface.

Flexible plug-in bonus

Provide a Plug in interface to interface with external tools (such as Checkmarx) to develop a specialized model or a rich ecosystem management style.

DevOps automation

The management screen is independent, with hierarchical division of responsibilities and clear management, including system administrators, project managers, engineers, etc.

Support diverse environments

For different development languages, frameworks, and execution environments, provide optional quick deployment services.

Adopt software


Open source project management and problem tracking software, functions include Gantt chart, calendar, file management, Wiki, multi-language, API, and support multi-user and multi-project.


Open source code version control software, support wiki function and issue tracking. Authorize enterprises or organizations to build and use within the enterprise.


The open source image file private registry can restrict access to image files through role restrictions and policies, and can be used to store team private image files.


API testing tool, with Newman scripts for self-contained CI (Continuous integration) testing.


Webpage automated test recorder, SideeX is a completely free webpage recording and playback automated test tool. More than 400,000 testers worldwide execute SideeX code


TagUI is an open source, cross-platform RPA command line tool that allows you to easily automate desktop Web, mouse and keyboard operations.


OWASP Zed Attack Proxy is one of the most popular free security tools in the world. ZAP can help us discover security vulnerabilities in web applications.


Container cluster management tools, especially in automated deployment and automated expansion, can be upgraded on a rolling basis and support most computing, storage, and network architectures on the market.


Kubernetes is an open source system for automatic deployment, expansion, and management of "containerized applications". It supports a series of container tools, including Docker, etc.

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