CI / CD continuous integration, continuous deployment,
automated tool integration platform

The platform provides a lightweight “online trial”, a pilot “stand-alone” download experience, or a complete installation of “professional deployment”
There are three different usage patterns, which provide users with various situations and needs.

Flexible deployment of multiple clusters, professional function modules, etc. Resolve the plan.

The multi-node flexible architecture can be expanded and integrated freely, effectively mastering the use of resources and managing the service quality of the system. The complete CI/CD pipeline environment deployment provides a more stable service experience.

Diversified integration, single management

To provide a complete CI/CD “Golden Pipeline” (Golden
pipeline) Need to integrate more than a dozen application services, or even management platforms.
Only have the opportunity to meet the continuous integration, continuous construction and continuous implementation of CI/CD requirements.
Continue to deploy. But the reverse is that the user needs to log in to the ten types.
The window can complete all progress reports. This platform provides a single.
Integrated windows and monitoring charts, allowing managers and developers to easily manage software.
Physical development process.

Template import, one-click creation

System environment builders and software developers are often in different locations.
In the professional field, how to effectively and quickly develop application services and become application services?
Service provider’s top priority. This platform service provides more than ten kinds of world.
Commonly used languages, frameworks, database and other template environments on the surface, providing software.
The physical development engineering staff can start to build the environment more quickly.

Auto-build and auto-deploy

It is also possible to build and deploy automatically! In software development projects, collaborative
Work development can make project development faster, but often because of some problems
As a result, the development efficiency of the project is slower. To make the project team more able to master
The development rhythm of the project, discover and solve the problems in the system early, reach
To achieve “early detection, early treatment” to accelerate the achievement of the project goals.
The services of this platform can be packaged through the version control of the code, with the self-made or flat
Station template, you can quickly build and deploy to the platform, providing users with more
Rapid development of service and quality maintenance.

Automated testing

Some repetitive but necessary test work that can be automatically executed by test automation.
Work, greatly reducing the time waste and human negligence in manual operation;
At the same time, it is more effective to record the test results and regression test execution at each stage.
Row. This service platform supports self-made interface testing and provides user interface.
Test and test service, so that users can find problems as soon as they are deployed and fix them as soon as possible.
Complex, effectively accelerate the delivery time and quality.

Problem tracking, dispatch management

Platform issue tracking management service, effective integration
Redmine’s well-known issue tracking system allows managers to create projects
More than that, you can enjoy the tracking features and detailed item modification records of the server. This platform
It also provides a single interface to display integrated project progress and demand problem management
And problem handling situations, allowing managers to effectively grasp the handling status of each project

Program version control

Version control is a standard practice for maintaining engineering blueprints. It can track a series of processes from the birth to output of service blueprints. At the same time, version control is also a software engineering technique, which can be synchronized, not overwritten, and restored at any time during the software development process. the benefits of.
Software designers often use version control to track and maintain changes to source code, files, configuration files, etc., and provide programs that control these changes.

Black and white box security detection import

With the changes in attack techniques, coupled with open source packages have become software engineering
People are accustomed to using technology, and potential vulnerabilities are usually not discovered.
Effectively add the black box of the application to the CI/CD pipeline,
The white box test allows companies to respond to the test report results in real time
More effective solutions to effectively reduce risks and improve product services
Product service security.

Problem kanban, transparent tracking

Provide a visual agile Kanban service for project administrators to intuitively check
Depending on the development progress and the convenient drag-and-drop operation, the event status is dynamically changed,
This is suitable for various types of work management and Scrum agile development management
Its transparent management can greatly improve the efficiency of process execution.

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