CI/CD within reach?

323Devops training

March 23rd IIIDevOps RD Advanced Field

Thank you for the heavy participation and enthusiastic support of our IIIDevops education and training activities by the deputy director Chen Liqun of these several times. “In the process of digital transformation, digital development must not only be faster and better, just like the introduction of Devops, it must also implement CI/CD. Quality can be guaranteed,” Deputy Chen said. He is even more generous to teach that the platform should not only inherit good methods, but also help support colleagues to achieve quality needs more easily.

This RD field is more enthusiastic than the last PM field, and the total number of participants reached more than 50 people. I have experienced a convenient and easy-to-use PM education training field. This RD session has really begun to enter the middle and high-level classes. Different from PM’s packaged services, RD has many more in-depth application teachings, which is more in line with their personalities that they like to create, self-control and master. This time the lecturer, Cai Zong Finance, the deep engineer, will take everyone to explore the operation of the mysterious Pipeline of the platform, so that engineers can not only use but also create their real application service needs.

Sure enough, in these few training sessions, although everyone felt the convenience and transparency of the platform, many students still asked about the possibility of Lock-in and customization. “It is true that IIIDevops develops a construction method and a development culture. The purpose is not to lock people in to make profits, but to provide companies, organizations, or even individuals who wish to engage in CI/CD with a CI/CD pipeline within reach. Replied by Lecturer Cai Zongrong from the “Creation Platform” Digital Institute. “Sustainable development is possible with a living platform. At present, we have established a communication channel with Taiwan’s open source community. In the future, we will use them to promote the CICD co-creation platform to everyone in need.”