[Devops Education and Training-PM Edition]

Are you Agile today?

Agile does not seem to match the graphics and text? In fact, the reason why Devop and CICD are getting more and more attention can also be attributed to the prevalence of Agile development. Because the delivery time is greatly shortened, the cost of traditional testing seems to be easily ignored because it is faster. But this is also the same problem as Waterfall, that is, the problem is that it cannot be dealt with until it explodes.

Some people ask CICD is great, but how to choose among so many tools? If the engineers at home do not cooperate, do not study. In the end, isn’t it going to be nothing (this is really the norm..)?

In fact, CICD is not difficult. The Information Conference has gathered years of digital development experience and created a DevOps agile automation platform, which integrates a number of management tools, such as Redmine (order management), GitLab (source code management) and Harbor (image file management) and other well-known software; With the digitalization of the whole people, information security should not be neglected. Therefore, this platform has introduced several open source and commercial black and white box detection tools, and platform users can choose according to their actual needs.

Today’s PM course not only teaches the actual operation of the platform, but also tells that the environment built through the platform can enjoy a series of benefits of automation. Anyone who has been a PM knows that due to organizational cost considerations, the testers are omitted, so it is inevitable that senior testers are none other than them. Today’s digital firm Cai Zong’s deep engineer’s hand-in-hand guidance is nothing more than the hope that the correct system development can be fast and of high quality. Today, thanks to the education and training of CICD agile automation platform provided by Digital, let us know that PM can be very elegant when it is delivered.